Type in Motion

Type in motion is a self-initiated project to explore Cinema 4D along with various techniques that could be combined with type to create visually amusing artworks.

Timeframe April 2015

Identity Animation

It has been my privilege to animate the identities of MIT Institute of Design's Graduation Show for two consecutive years.

Timeframe January 2014 & January 2015

Quasar Identity Launch

Identity launch video for Quasar 9. Done in collaboration with Rachit Tank.

Timeframe October 2014

Projection Mapping

We did some quick experiments with projection mapping as to how the mapping of 2D surfaces works and later even tried our hand on 3D surfaces. The experiments have been quite rejoicing for us. Apologies for the quality of experiment videos, final ones coming soon! 

Timeframe February 2015

The Cinema Project

I'll be rendering random things that I make using Cinema 4D but instead of making amazing stuff (which I can't actually, yet!) I'll be focusing on learning a new plugin or renderer and post the results online so that you can appreciate my efforts (or, make fun of me!).​

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Please Note: This page represents a small selection of recent projects. For more information or work samples, feel free to contact me.